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Coffee with Stroopwafel



Radgin Wiz®️ is my pen name and also my publisher name.

My main stream is

Medical Sciences (Dr Radhika Vijay)

and I am an academician (MD Pharmacology).

I love to write books for kids,

children and young adult

in my spare time via the

route of Self Publishing.

I thoroughly enjoy this side hustle,

it keeps me afresh

on the path of creativity,

makes me a source of knowledge, wisdom, positivity and

inspiration for the kids/children

and young adult.

My basic motto of creating

this special hub

(taking a separate pen name)

is to showcase all my books

of miscellaneous genre

apart from medical sciences here (preferably kids and young adults, there may be some

non fiction genre books too!).

All my Writing updates

& Videos on my

💥YouTube Channel🎉

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